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Red Big Bowl

21 Jan

Chinese food definitely is one of Pinoys’ favorites.

Months ago, I  noticed a new Chinese resto near my place, but never had a chance to check it out. This new resto I’m writing about is the RED BIG BOWL, just across Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Sta. Mesa, Manila.

Last 2 Jan 2011, my boyfriend and I finally decided to try out their food. I’m pretty impressed with the place. The resto is well-lighted and well-ventilated. It is also spacious and cozy, plus the seats (couch) are really comfortable.

With regard to the food we ordered, they were really good. Even their house blend iced tea was delicious! 🙂

The next weekend, 8 Jan 2011, my whole family went to Red Big Bowl for our mom’s surprise birthday dinner. Everyone loved the food we ordered. The servings were big, too! 🙂

Birthday noodles (Php190) --- sorry bawas na

Beef with Onions (Ph260), Lemon Chicken (Php230), Yang Chow (Php170), 12 pcs. Lumpiang Shanghai (Php 170)

Crabmeat and Bird's Nest Soup with quail eggs (Php200)

Sweet and Sour Pork (Php240)

Sweet and Sour Pork, Birthday Noodles, and RBB Seafood Fried Rice (Php170)

Sorry for the pictures. They are not blog-worthy. 😛 I forgot to take pictures because I was so excited to eat. Hahaha!

Anyway, here’s a copy of their menu I asked from the guard (I scanned it):

Red Big Bowl Menu

RBB menu (continuation)


1. From MRT Shaw Blvd. station, you can take a jeep or FX headed to Quiapo. If you’re coming from MRT Boni station, take the jeep going to Stop & Shop (not Gabby’s). Ask the driver to drop you off at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital.

I think it costs Php9.00 for the jeepney fare and Php15-20 for the FX fare.

2. From LRT Pureza station, you can take a jeep headed to Punta or Pasig. You can also take an FX going to Megamall. Ask the driver to drop you off at Lourdes Hospital.

It costs Php7 for the jeepney fare and around Php15-20 for the FX fare.


Happy Birthday, Honey!

5 Aug

my honey's 27th birthday


Happy Birthday to THE ONE who always takes my breath away… 🙂

Late Birthday Post (a very late one…)

1 Dec

I was so busy the past few days that completely I forgot to post what happened on my birthday.

My boyfriend and I went to Lancaster Suites Hotel in Shaw Blvd., Ortigas and got an Executive Suite. We always check in at a hotel when celebrating our birthdays and our aniversary.

But before I write what happened on my 26th birthday, I want to write what happened during my past birthday celebrations with my very loving boyfriend.

My 23rd birthday:

It was a Monday and since I was still new at the company where I am currently working, I still did not have vacation and sick leaves. My boyfriend worked as a web developer/designer for a medical tourism company that time and on that day, they held a Medical Tourism Expo in PICC or CCP.

Anyway, my boyfriend decided to visit me at work. However, he rode the wrong FX and reached Bacoor instead of Makati. Hahaha! Good thing he was able to go to my office fast. We were able to have our dinner at Max’s Convergys.

My boyfriend wanted to go to Baguio for my birthday but since I didn’t have leaves yet, we decided to wait for a long weekend (1 – 3 December 2006).  We checked in at Microtel Inn and Suites and got a Single Room. After checking in, our first destination was SM City.

The next day, we went to Burnham Park, Mines View, and the Botanical Garden. We heard Mass at the Baguio Cathedral after eating at Don Henrico’s. We had dinner at Max’s SM Baguio.

On our last day, we went early to the market to buy pasalubongs. We had lunch at SM and went to the bus terminal to wait for our trip.

His gift? It was a beige jacket from Mossimo.

My 24th birthday:

We both went on leave and checked in at The Linden Suites in Ortigas and got an Executive Room. We bought our dinner at SM Megamall and ate them in our room.

As his gift, he set up a surprise for me. He locked me in the bathroom and when I got out, the room was full of confetti and balloons. Below the birthday banner was a big teddy bear and a small one. There were chocolates and a cake, too!

My 25th birthday:

We checked in at Regalia Hotel in Cubao and got a Deluxe Room.

My boyfriend went all out for my 25th birthday. He gave me 25 gifts! Some of these gifts were an Asus netbook, a top from Zara, a video presentation, baked mac that he cooked, etc…

Now, for my 26th birthday:

He surprised with an improvised photobooth set-up. He also set up a heaven-looking dancefloor to make me feel like we were dancing on the clouds. Moreover, he cooked dinner for me and gave me the following:

  • a birthday card
  • a polo shirt
  • a white gold necklace
  • chocolates
  • another birthday card
  • a personalized calendar

This guy loves me sssooo much! I am so lucky!!!


Yay! It’s my birthday!

20 Nov

Hello, 26!!!

Top 10 people who greeted me:

1. my boyfriend (called me up on my mobile)

2. Aileen (sent me an email)

3. Ryan de Leon (sent me an email — the image of the cake he sent had 21 candles! :P)

4. Titony (sent me an email)

5. Pietro (sent me an SMS)

6. Riza (sent me an email)

7. my dad (sent me an SMS)

8. my mom (sent me an SMS)

9.  Ken (he’s just seated beside me)

10. Hazel (she’s seated infront me)

PMS-ing a few hours before my day

19 Nov

A lot of people have a habit of greeting others a day before their birthdays.

Well, today is only the 19th! It’s not my birthday yet! It would have been okay if they would say, “Happy Birthday in advance!” instead of greeting me as if it’s already my birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate their greetings. However, I just preferred to be greeted on my birthday itself.

Tomorrow's my birthday so wait for the people on this calendar to look at "20"

My birthday is on 20 Nov and it’s SO NOT today.

[PMS-ing, much? Yeah, I know! Hahaha!]

Eeewww… A year older…

19 Nov

Goodbye, 25! (my half-eaten birthday cake last year)

I will be (26 years old) a year older tomorrow. Yuck! (Hahaha!)

I honestly like Christmas more. I even forgot that my birthday’s tomorrow! It was my officemate who reminded me a few hours ago. And my friend’s boyfriend, who also is a friend of mine, already greeted me via e-mail.

Anyhow, I know my very loving boyfriend is preparing a surprise for me. I wonder what his surprise/s would be… 🙂

[FYI: People say that I’m cursed with surprises. Everytime my friends or my boyfriend try to prepare surprises for me, I always end up finding out what their suprises are even before surprising me! Hahaha!]


Really now, I have nothing to wish for. I’m contented with my boyfriend’s conversion. Albeit I must say he did not do it for me as an early birthday gift. He did it for himself. (It’s true! It’s true!)