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Take Me Back to Ilocos!!!

24 Apr
My boyfriend and I had always wanted to see Ilocos. We were intrigued by its beauty and charm so we decided to go on an Ilocandia tour. This was last year, by the way. Hehehe… 😛
Day 1: Ilocos Sur Tour
Breakfast. 🙂
I love Vigan longganisa way before we went to Ilocos and I would not pass up the oppurtunity to eat some in Vigan, of course! 🙂

breakfast at Grandpa's Inn, Vigan

After having breakfast, our next stop was Baluarte, a mini zoo owned by Chavit Singson.

mini zoo in Ilocos

We also went to Bantay Church. According to our tour guide, its belfry is known as the Sinking Bell Tower in Ilocos. I don’t know if that’s true because I read that St. William’s Cathedral’s belfry is the one known as the sinking bell tower. We saw St. William’s Cathedral’s bell tower on our way to our hotel and man, it’s massive! No wonder it’s sinking on its sandy foundations. Too bad… 😦

Bantay Church and its belfry (Sinking bell tower in Vigan)

Marcos Museum

After our visit to Marcos museum and mausoleum (no cameras were allowed so I was not able to take pictures of our former president’s body), we went to the famous Paoay Church.

Paoay Church

Next was Currimao Coral Reef Formation. They look like boulders, but if you look closely, they’re dead corals. Amazing!
Oh yeah, I slipped here when I tried to go to the water. My old digicam got wet, too! Sayang, nasira! 😦

Currimao Coral Reef Formation (slippery!!! Hahaha!)

We also checked out La Paz Sand Dunes. They told me this was where the movie Panday was shot. Hehehe…

La Paz Sand Dunes

Our last stop before going to our hotel was Malacañang of the North. This was the Marcoses’ rest house in Ilocos. It is also known as Malacañang Ti Amianan.

Malacañang of the North

Paoay Lake (at the back of Malacañang)

Check-in time!
We loved Java Hotel!

Java Hotel (owned by the Fariñases)

Take a peek of our room:


our toilet and bathroom

We were dead tired and sleepy so we just had dinner at Java Hotel’s bar.

Java Hotel's resto bar

However, even if we’re exhausted, we still went swimming. 🙂

night swimming

Day 2: Ilocos Norte Tour
After breakfast, our 1st trip was to Cape Bojeador.

Cape Bojeador

We also went to Bangui Windmills! Wind energy!!! 🙂

Bangui Windmills

We had photo op on Patapat Bridge.
Try turning on your car radio while on Patapat Bridge and you could get the radio frequency of Taiwan’s radio stations! Hehehe…

Patapat Bridge

Another photo op at Agua Grande. I think it’s also known as Aqua Paradiso.

Agua Grande / Aqua Paradiso

If you’re in Ilocos and you wanna hit the beach, where will you go? PAGUDPUD!!! 🙂

Blue Lagoon Resort, Pagudpud

the blue waters of Pagudpud

Day 3: Vigan and back home
On our last day, we went to Vigan’s Heritage Village. It sorta brought me to the old Philippines.

Heritage Village, Vigan

My boyfriend is kind of a shy person, but he was sssooo fascinated with Heritage Village that he asked one home owner if we could go up her place and take some shots from her window. The nice lady agreed. (We did not know that there was even a shooting by TV 5 in her house so I guess that’s why she also let us in.)

view from the second floor

Heritage Village's pavement tiles

The trip was truly memorable. Not only did we get to visit the beautiful Ilocos, we also got to taste their native delicacies like the bagnet, empanada, and longganisa. (We even had dinner at Laoag’s local “food court”, Tapayan.) Moreover, we gained a few aquaintances who are now our friends on Multiply. 🙂

Starbucks’ Earth Day 2010 Promotions

20 Apr

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I were planning to buy 1 Starbucks tumbler each because we have the 10% off coupon from our Starbucks planners. When we got to the store, there were only small tumblers. We actually wanted the bigger ones.

An Earth Day promo caught our attention: Latte, Mocha, Chai Tea, Cappuccino, and Caramel Macchiato tumblers are only Php195 each! This treat started last 15 April 2010 and will end on 30 April 2010, Friday.

I bought the Caffè Mocha tumbler and my boyfriend bought the Cappuccino tumbler. We were not able to use the 10% off coupon though.

I bought a Mocha tumbler!

By the way, here is another Earth Day promo from Starbucks:

Php40 off on beverages! 🙂

Kcat’s Listen with a Healthy HEARt Dinner Event

20 Apr

Here’s the event’s poster:

promoting my friend's dinner party/fund raising event

You may visit her blog site for details.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Round 2

20 Apr

Last Saturday’s surgery was a lot better. After the anesthesia wore off, there was hardly any pain. There was no visible swelling, too! This truly was a success story. Hahaha! 🙂

I’m glad I’m done with my wisdom tooth extraction!!! (Well, I still have to go to my ortho next Saturday for the suture removal though).

Lighthouse Lamps

16 Apr

♥ I love lighthouses! ♥

My boyfriend knows how much I love lighthouses and about a year ago, he sent me a link of Real Living magazine’s blog entry on their website (but’s it’s only now that I decided to blog about this. Hahaha!). The writer featured nautical trends on pieces of furniture and the lighthouse lamps being sold on Multiply.

I want these!!!

I heart this!

I want one!

I tried contacting Elmer, the owner of the multiply site. However, I have not heard from him yet. 😦

Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Round 1

15 Apr

I had my first wisdom tooth extraction last 9 April 2010 – Araw ng Kagitingan. And yes, it really was a day of valor for me. 🙂

My ortho was really good. I did not feel anything painful during the surgery. Although I must admit, I got a bit tired keeping my mouth open the whole time. Nakakangawit! Hehehe…

The operation lasted for less than an hour. I even had to wait for my parents to pick me up. The anesthesia wore off 2 hours after the surgery. The swelling was not really big, unlike my friend who really looked like a puffer fish when she had wisdom tooth extracted.

I am on soft diet until now. It’s not because I still could not eat, but I just wanna make sure my gums are completely healed before I start chewing. Besides, I don’t wanna strain my jaws. My gosh! I’ve been hungry since the 9th! Hahaha!

I will have my next wisdom tooth extraction this Saturday. Good luck to me! Hehehe… 🙂

Plants vs. Zombies Stuffed Toys

14 Apr

I saw these cute Plants vs. Zombies plush toys on this website.

pea shooter and walnut plushies 🙂

cutie patootie

I wish there’s a sunflower stuffed toy, too! 🙂