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I have a new bestfriend…

13 May

… It’s Pyralvex®!!! 😛

I just had dental braces installed last Saturday (Yeah, I know I’m too old to have braces) and there are now aphthous ulcers/canker sores (singaw in Filipino) developing on the inside of my cheeks. 😦 However, after the application of this solution, the pain of the inflammed tissues somehow disappears. 🙂

Pyralvex® can be bought over the counter. I bought one from Mercury Drugstore for only Php158.75 (10mL).

I ♥ my new bestfriend, Pyralvex® Solution! Hahaha!!!


Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Round 2

20 Apr

Last Saturday’s surgery was a lot better. After the anesthesia wore off, there was hardly any pain. There was no visible swelling, too! This truly was a success story. Hahaha! 🙂

I’m glad I’m done with my wisdom tooth extraction!!! (Well, I still have to go to my ortho next Saturday for the suture removal though).

Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Round 1

15 Apr

I had my first wisdom tooth extraction last 9 April 2010 – Araw ng Kagitingan. And yes, it really was a day of valor for me. 🙂

My ortho was really good. I did not feel anything painful during the surgery. Although I must admit, I got a bit tired keeping my mouth open the whole time. Nakakangawit! Hehehe…

The operation lasted for less than an hour. I even had to wait for my parents to pick me up. The anesthesia wore off 2 hours after the surgery. The swelling was not really big, unlike my friend who really looked like a puffer fish when she had wisdom tooth extracted.

I am on soft diet until now. It’s not because I still could not eat, but I just wanna make sure my gums are completely healed before I start chewing. Besides, I don’t wanna strain my jaws. My gosh! I’ve been hungry since the 9th! Hahaha!

I will have my next wisdom tooth extraction this Saturday. Good luck to me! Hehehe… 🙂

Scouting for an Affordable Panoramic Dental X-Ray

31 Mar

I am about to undergo wisdom teeth (yes, teeth) extraction in a few days. My ortho told me she needed my panoramic dental xray before the operation. She even gave me referral slips for Zen Dental Spa in Rob Galleria and for Aguinaldo Dental Clinic in Guadalupe.

I tried calling up dental clinics to find the most affordable rate:

  • Zen Dental Spa (Rob Galleria) — Php850
  • Aguinaldo Dental Clinic (Perea Building 121 Reposo St. corner P. Burgos St., Guadalupe, Makati City) — Php600
  • ML Santos Dental (SM Mall of Asia) — Php850 [plus 12% VAT — according to the website]
  • DentAsia (SM MoA) — Php900
  • Lapid Dental Care (ShopWise Cubao, Rob Galleria, Rob Metro East) — Php800
  • My Dentist (SM Marikina) — Php600

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without prior notice

I’ve chosen My Dentist in Marikina [contact numbers: 477-1910 / 0922-886-1030] since we normally go to SM Marikina every weekend and because their panoramic dental x-ray only costs Php600! I could be such a cheapskate sometimes! Hahaha! 😛

Affordable Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Metro Manila

16 Mar

I have 4 impacted wisdom teeth. I finally decided to have them extracted. But of course, before having them extracted, I had to look for affordable rates first. 🙂

I initially inquired via the online form of the Philippine Dental Tourism website (by RXPinoy). I got a reply from RXPinoy and I was referred to Dr. Jagoring of Estetico Manila. I was quoted Php6,000 for each wisdom tooth. It was kinda pricey. However, Estetico Manila is a popular clinic that not only handles dentistry & orthodontics, but dermatology and cosmetic surgery as well. Besides, they already have celebrity endorsers.

I started looking for an ortho again. I was quoted between 3,000 and 6,000 for each widsom tooth. *Sigh* Wisdom tooth extraction really is expensive. I was getting frustrated so I had to post on my Facebook wall that I was looking for an affordable wisdom tooth extraction. My friends left comments and one told me that the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) has a very cheap rate. I contacted PGH and was told that it’s only Php1,000 to Php1,500 per wisdom tooth. Wow! That really is pretty affordable! However, the clinic is only from Mondays to Fridays, and Wednesdays are half-day operations.

I work the night shift and I have a very busy schedule. I could not be on leave for a very long time so I did not choose PGH because I also prefer to have my surgery on a weekend. Besides, PGH has so many patients. I was advised to be in PGH at around 7am since it’s a first come – first served basis.

I then decided to ask my college kabarkada/officemate, who had braces back in college, if she had her wisdom teeth extracted. She told me that her ortho charged her around Php2,700 for her wisdom tooth. She also gave me her ortho’s contact number.

I contacted the orthodontist and she told me that she charges for a minimum of Php1,500 up to a maximum of Php3,000 per wisdom tooth depending on the case (NOTE: Prices are subject to change without prior notice). I went to see her last Saturday and she’s very nice. I have yet to schedule my surgery. I also ought to have a panoramic dental x-ray first.

If you’re looking for an affordable wisdom tooth extraction, you can try this ortho:

Dra. Shermin Tan – Apuad
Address: 5030 Malolos Street
Olympia, Makati City (near J.P. Rizal, Zapote St., and the former Philippine Racing Track)
Phone: 895.59.45

***Prices are subject to change without prior notice***