Eeewww… A year older…

19 Nov

Goodbye, 25! (my half-eaten birthday cake last year)

I will be (26 years old) a year older tomorrow. Yuck! (Hahaha!)

I honestly like Christmas more. I even forgot that my birthday’s tomorrow! It was my officemate who reminded me a few hours ago. And my friend’s boyfriend, who also is a friend of mine, already greeted me via e-mail.

Anyhow, I know my very loving boyfriend is preparing a surprise for me. I wonder what his surprise/s would be… 🙂

[FYI: People say that I’m cursed with surprises. Everytime my friends or my boyfriend try to prepare surprises for me, I always end up finding out what their suprises are even before surprising me! Hahaha!]


Really now, I have nothing to wish for. I’m contented with my boyfriend’s conversion. Albeit I must say he did not do it for me as an early birthday gift. He did it for himself. (It’s true! It’s true!)


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