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Flashback: January 2009

27 Jan

My boyfriend and I promised that we would not spend too much this 2010. Ergo, there will be less or even no travels for us.

Since we’ll try to lessen our expenses this year to save money for our future, I am quite content looking back on what happened last year. Flashback, much? Hehehe… I will try to blog the significant stuffs we did last year since I was not able to blog them anyway.  BUT I will still blog current stuff.

So… REWIND to January 2009!!!

We went to Hong Kong together with my boyfriend’s family. I’m proud to say that I paid for my own share  (unlike some people I know who are such freeloaders. Hahaha!).

We stayed in BP International Hotel in Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.  I can say that if we visit HK again, we will definitely choose this hotel (although my brother offered his place at Kimberly Road). The hotel is just beside Kowloon Park and the it is very accessible to the shopping areas and MTR stations.

Here are some of the pictures of the our HK trip:

waiting for our flight to Hong Kong

It was my first plane ride and my first international flight, too! Yeah, I’m such a late bloomer on travelling outside Luzon. Hehehe…

Sorry to say this but HK Airport is better than NAIA


Day 1: Freezing cold

Our first stop after checking in was Victoria Peak. And man, it was sssooo cold up there.

Victoria Peak Tram's long queue

inside the tram

I could not remember how much the ticket was for Madame Tussauds Wax Musuem.

Wax Musuem

view from Victoria Peak

After going to Victoria Peak, we decided to go to Mongkok to have dinner and of course, to SHOP!!!

Mongkok at night

Sadly though,  I was not able to shop much because there was not enough time. [due to the sloppy itinerary]

As soon as we got back to the hotel, I phoned my brother who lives near Kowloon Park. My boyfriend and I met up with him. He showed us his place and sorta toured us around the area.  My brother walked us back to the hotel since we had to sleep early because of another scheduled tour the next day.

Day 2: Boring and Fun

Okay, the first part of the tour was boring. After going to Victoria Harbour for some photo op, we went to the oh-so-ever-compulsary tour to TSL Jewelry Factory and to a “factory outlet” of shirts, bags, champoy, kiamoy, candies, Pony, and Disney items. And I’m telling you, they’re not cheap at all. Some factory price, huh? As for the Jewelry Factory, even if the jewelries were 50% off, they’re still pricey (picture taking was not allowed so I have no pix of the items). The only thing I liked about TSL’s factory was the free drink/s. Oh yeah, we were given a free bookmark, too! Hahaha!

Hong Kong's "Manila Bay" --- Victoria Harbour (Brit English spelling!!!)

After the boring tour, we finally went to Lantau Island where Disneyland is.  I must say, we über loved Disneyland!!!

Disneyland Hotel

one of Disneyland's souvenir stores

Disneyland's Filipino musicians

Chinese New Year Parade

After the wonderful fireworks show of Disneyland, we went back to our hotel. And since it’s our last night in HK, I decided to see my brother again. We went shopping in Kowloon and my brother even bought me an Esprit bag. We also bought stuff for our parents and brothers as pasalubongs.

I was sad to leave my brother and I even cried at the Shopper’s Lane when we were saying our goodbyes! Hahaha! I’m such a drama queen. (NOTE: My brother visits Manila every 6 months so I get to see him twice a year).

Day 3: Last Day in Hong Kong

On our last day, we went to Ocean Park. We did not have enough time to try all the rides because of our flight sched [due to the sloppy itinerary]. Well, most of our companions are not fond of rides (scaredy-cats, I know :P) so they did not care if we would be in Ocean Park for a short period of time.  Hahaha!

I loved the cable car!!!

Atoll Reef's ginormous aquarium

Ocean Park rides

Time to go home… 😦

boarding area --- waiting for our flight back to Manila (P.S. I am not in the picture. These women were waiting for their flight, too.)

My boyfriend and I had fun in Hong Kong. Definitely, we will visit HK but we will make sure that it will just be the two of us.