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Marriage Lets You Annoy One Special Person for the Rest of Your Life

24 Feb

This is the cutest “fortune” cookie EVER!!! Hahaha!!! ūüėÄ

This is TRUE!!! ūüėõ


Sunday Mass Schedule at Caleruega – Chapel of Transfiguration

20 Feb

I had a hard time googling for the Mass sched at Caleruega so I thought of posting it on my blog.


Caleruega's Transfiguration Chapel

Caleruega’s Sunday Mass is at 11AM. And if you’re planning to visit the place, Caleruega closes at 5:30pm.

Hope I was able to help! ūüôā

NOTE: The sched may change without prior notice



Check out the additional chapel in Caleruega:

Although I don’t know if they hold Masses here.

Caleruega Date on Valentine‚Äôs Day

19 Feb

My boyfriend and I went to Tagaytay last Sunday (Valentine’s Day) with my 2 friends. Yeah, it was pretty much a double date. ūüôā

Surprisingly, there was no heavy traffic on our way to Tagaytay and going home to Manila. I guess, people did not want to brave the traffic on Valentine’s Day.

Anyhow, as soon as we reached Tagaytay, we¬†went to Leslie’s Tagaytay (across Magallanes Square) to have lunch. After eating, we went to Caleruega in Nasugbu, Batangas. The first time I saw Caleruega (retreat during my senior year in UST), I instantly fell in love with the place.

When we got to the chapel last Sunday, there was a¬†wedding going on.¬†Wow! A Valentine wedding. Hehehe… My boyfriend also fell in love with Caleruega. He said the view from the top was breathtaking. He really likes nature. And while taking pictures of the chapel, he told me, “Honey, I want us to get married here.” What?!?!¬†Caleruega chapel is very charming,¬†but it is too far.¬†Our families and friends¬†might have a hard time going to the Chapel of Transfiguration.¬†Wedding suppliers also have out-of-town charges. Besides, I like San Agustin Church in Intramuros more. ūüėõ

Since we were sssooo late for the mass at Caleruega, we heard Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish at 6:30pm. We ate fishballs after the Mass and my friend introduced us to the parish priest of Lourdes. Fr. Peter was so nice and he even invited us to have dinner with him at Taal Vista. However, we decided to head back home since it was already getting late.

Manila‚Äôs Early Summer Makes Me Think of Potipot Island

9 Feb

I could feel the summer heat now.

Summer will be early in the Philippines this 2010. I read about it here.

Last year, my boyfriend and I went to Potipot Island, Zambales [28 February – 1 March] to celebrate our anniversary (It’s actually a pre-anniv celebration). We stayed at Sun Bloom Beach Resort¬†and we loved the place.¬†Ate Mercy and Kuya Allan were so nice and very accomodating. And since the said resort didn’t have a website, we decided to create a multiply account for Sun Bloom Resort to help promote the place and to help the tourists ¬†(Ate Mercy or anyone from Sun Bloom did not know that we created a simple site for them).

Here are some of the pictures taken during our 1st Potipot trip:

Sun Bloom Beach Resort


going to Potipot

first kiss of the summer sun

other side of Potipot Island

blue waters, white sand

People were enjoying the clear waters

Potipot's white sand shore (taken using my underwater film camera)

fishes and my boyfriend's legs (How come his legs looked thin?)

That's me checking out the fishes

school of fish

The underwater shots were taken using my underwater film camera. I did not have a digital underwater camera that time so pardon the not-so clear shots.

My boyfriend and I fell in love with the island and with the charming resort. I hope we could go back this year.

Limited Edition: Little Miss Bosconian Shirts

9 Feb

Last Saturday (6 February 2010) was Don Bosco Sta. Mesa’s homecoming. My batch, which is the¬†pioneer batch, was the host for this year’s high school reunion. ūüôā

Everybody knows that Don Bosco schools are exclusive for boys. Don Bosco Manila is actually a co-ed school. Well, during my time, Don Bosco Manila (formerly Don Bosco School or DBS) was co-ed from pre-school up to 4th grade only. The 5th grader boys will have to transfer to Don Bosco Mandaluyong. Ergo, from 5th grade up to senior high, we were all girls. But I found out that there are now boys from 5th grade up to high school in DBS.

Anyway, do you know those Little Miss school shirts? There are no Little Miss Bosconian shirts available commercially so my batch decided to have our version of those “school spirit” shirts.

Batch 2000's idea

My gosh! I could not believe that it had been 10 years ago when I graduated from high school! I’m too old! Hahahaha!

Agave Mexican Cantina‚Äôs Bottomless Margarita

8 Feb

Agave's promo

Great deal, right?

On their website, I saw that they also have¬†bottomless chips and salsa for only Php295. Click here to visit Agave’s website.

UPDATE: My friends and I went to Agave Shangri-La Mall branch last 21 May 2010, Friday. The bottomless margarita is now priced at Php395. And you could now get the margarita of the day and/or their house margarita. Also, the bottomless chips and salsa is only for 3 -4 persons. So if you’re 8 in a group, you should order 2 bottomless chips and salsa.

Jack and Jenn Catering’s “Unlimited” Use of Bridal Car

5 Feb

Okay, on my previous post, I wrote about Jack and Jenn Catering Services’ Php165K wedding package. While browsing their multiply site, I found this:

What a major boo-boo!

So I tried googling about this issue. I found out what happened by reading Aileen’s blog:


I also found Aileen’s friend’s blog:




To Aileen and Jay, I don’t know you, but I’m so sorry to¬†read about what happened on your wedding day.