Going Krung-Krung Over Krung Thai Restaurant

4 Jul

Okay, the word krung-krung was “invented” by Sandara Park, a Korean who was once an actress in the Philippines and now a member of a K-Pop group, 2NE1. Anyway, krung-krung is synonymous to crazy/mad/insane/nuts,  according to her. But what I’m going to write about is not something Korean, but a Thai restaurant in Marikina.

I’ve always heard good feedback regarding Krung Thai Restaurant, one of Marikina’s best kept secrets. 🙂

Last June 11, when a good friend of mine celebrated her birthday at her place, 3-5 whole fried chickens from Krung Thai were one of the food served (her Marikeño boyfriend bought them). I really loved the taste of the chicken. It was sssooo good! So when my friend asked me to take home the untouched chicken, I gladly brought home half of the whole jumbo chicken so my family could try it. And as expected, my family loved Krung Thai’s chicken, too. 🙂

Finally, after hearing Mass at the Immaculate Concepcion Marikina last Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to Krung Thai to have lunch. And here are the food that we ordered:

Krung Thai

Simple Fried Rice - Php49

7 pieces (fat and juicy) shrimp - Php189

(Huge) Egg Omelette with Ground Pork - Php89

Krung Thai Jumbo Fried Chicken (half) - Php219

We definitely loved, not only the chicken, but all of the stuff we ordered! We were so full and we ended up taking home the untouched servings of our order (My parents loved them, too. Hahaha!).

We recommend trying out Krung Thai. The servings are big enough and the price is affordable. Although I must admit, we did not try out their Thai dishes (Pad Thai, Catfish salad, etc.) so I could not say if their Thai dishes taste good. But according to my boyfriend, the owner is Thai, so I’m thinking their food taste authetic Thai cuisine.


Take the LRT (purple line) and get off at Katipunan station. Take a jeep with Calumpang (Kalumpang) sign board. After the Marikina bridge (Marikina river), the jeep would turn right at Pizza’s Smile. On the right side of the road, you will see Union Bank and Wow Legs Restaurant (before getting to Our Lady of the Abandoned). Get off at Union Bank/Wow Legs. Cross the street and go to the market building, there you would see Johnny’s sign board (this is another resto you have to try out when in Marikina). Krung Thai is just beside Johnny’s.

Take note that Krung Thai is open Mondays to Sundays from 9am to 9pm.


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