Sitting During Consecration? Wrong?!?

26 Apr

I know a huge number of my readers are mostly after my blog’s SM 3-day sale schedule. But I’m hoping you (the Catholic ones) would read this, too…

Last Easter Sunday, a very good friend of mine witnessed an argument between a family and a couple whether one should sit or stand during the Consecration if one could not kneel. The father (the dad — not the priest, okay?), who even took Communion, and his daughter confronted the couple when they went out of the chapel. The dad wanted to punch the guy and he was shouting at the couple outside the chapel’s doors. And yes, I really understand that a father always has the tendency to defend his child. There’s nothing wrong with protecting your child.

According to the chismis/gossip (by the way, we should try not to gossip. Hehehe…), the guy informed the lady (the daughter) sitting in front of him to kneel during the Consecration. It’s possible that the lady could be sick or may have knee arthritis or may have wounds on her knees so she could not kneel. That we really don’t know. But it’s also a huge possibility that the guy did not inform the lady nicely — that could have sparked the tension. But still, the lady should have just taken it lightly instead of making a fuss out of it.

My friend knew that the girl, who she saw can physically stand up just fine, should have stood up instead of sat down. So as a clarification, my friend called me up last night and asked if the girl did the right thing. I studied in a Catholic school from pre-school to college. My dad used to be a seminarian and a catechist. He is currently our chapel’s lector, too. Also, the monsignor from our parish lectures us whenever he sees someone sitting during the Consecration of the Host (and whenever someone is late and/or is not dressed properly).  I honestly don’t know a lot of things but I really do know that if you could not kneel but could stand, you should then stand during the Consecration (tiredness is not an excuse). After all, it is the most mystical and most important part of the Holy Mass. Besides, the Eucharistic Prayer does not take that long.

I decided to look for an in depth discussion of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) to show to my friend. I don’t want to be preachy but here’s something every Catholic should know specifically about the proper posture during the Consecration of the Eucharist:

proper posture during the Consecration

I’m not saying/implying we’re better Catholics nor are we saints. But sadly, it’s such a shame that there are still other Catholics out there who are not well informed about our faith. No wonder other religions criticize us Catholics. 😦

Anyway, in my opinion, both parties could be at fault:

  • The guy’s tone may have sounded impolite.
  • The girl did not stand up to respect Christ.
  • The girl made a fuss out of the guy’s comment.
  • The dad joining in to confront the guy to the extent of making a scene outside the chapel.
I must admit, the lady was not really doing anything wrong when she decided not to stand up — that is, if she does not know what the proper posture should be. Ignorance is bliss, my dear friends. But kudos to the guy who asked the lady to kneel. Just ignoring what the lady did is a sin of omission (for his part). So as a Catholic, he has the right to inform the lady that she should have stood up. Excellent job for imparting your knowledge! 🙂

4 Responses to “Sitting During Consecration? Wrong?!?”

  1. twitterpatedme 26 April 2011 at 4:48 AM #

    Additional lesson (aside from learning the proper posture during the Consecration): If mangsisita sa simbahan, please do it nicely. Sa mga nasita naman, whether it was impolitely done or not, you should try hard not make a fuss out of it. Just walk away and do not start a fight. Ipagdasal nalang. That’s the best thing to do. 🙂

  2. Lee 26 April 2011 at 8:16 AM #

    Thank you for posting this, classmate. 🙂
    A lot of people are unaware of these things. And we really can’t blame them. But what we can do is to educate them. Yung mga nagte-text at nagdadaldalan sa loob ng church, dapat pinagsasabihan din yang mga yan. Pati yung mga natutulog. Pet peeves ko yan! Hahahaha!

    Panget man ang pagkasabi or not dun sa daughter, sana the daughter and the dad should have let it pass nalang. Sana hindi na nila hinabol pagkalabas ng chapel. That would have been very Christ-like. At saka nag-sorry naman yung guy. Pero di pa rin sila tumigil mang-argue. Sana di nalang gumawa ng scene e.

    To the readers, let’s focus more on the lesson — the proper posture during the Consecration.

    • twitterpatedme 26 April 2011 at 7:55 PM #

      Hi Lee!

      Ikaw ang inspiration nitong post na ito! Hehehe…

      Basta, let’s not judge the people on this post. I’m sure they had their own reasons kung bat nila ginawa yun.

      Hay naku! Pet peeves ko rin yang pet peeves mo. Isama mo pa yung mga late sa Mass tapos nagco-Communion kahit di inabutan ang readings. Feeling nung iba nakapag-Mass na sila anytime sila dumating kahit sa Ama Namin na sila dumating! And may iba din na pagka-Communion, umaalis na kahit di pa tapos ang Mass! Hmp! 😦

  3. chyng 28 April 2011 at 4:46 AM #

    very interesting. i learned something today!
    i do not know the facts that you shared, i just know I need to kneel. mabigat sa puso ko pag nakatayo, so what more kung nakaupo. parang sine lang?! kahit ako man baka manita din ng iba. hehe

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