On Cebu Pacific

23 Mar

There was a seat sale by Cebu Pacific last June 2010 in time for Independence Day. My boyfriend and I took advantage of the Php1 sale since it was pretty affordable. We decided to get the 4th flight from Manila to Cebu on March 19 and the last flight from Cebu to Manila on March 22, 2011.

After 9 months of waiting for our trip, we finally had a tour in Cebu. I’m going to blog about our Cebu tour per day beacuse I don’t want to strain your eyes reading our whole trip in just one entry. I’m going to include our itinerary, too.

Anyway, before writing about our trip, I first want to write about the stress I experienced with Cebu Pacific.

Almost a month before our trip, I received an SMS from Cebu Pacific informing me that our flight was canceled (no reason was stated!!!) and that our March 22 flight would be moved to March 23 at 4:05AM!!!

Of course, we did not want that sched. We didn’t have plans of staying another night in Cebu as that would entail another overnight accommodation (that we have to shoulder) and we did not file for a vacation leave for March 23. (NOTE: It’s not easy to go on a leave in our field of work).

I called up the airline’s customer service (phone number 702-0888) and was told by the agent, Raphaela (that’s what I think I heard her name was), that I could move our flight back to March 22, but the only available flight was at 5:35pm. I also asked the agent if I could change my March 19 flight since the March 22 flight at 5:35pm would shorten our stay in Cebu. The agent gladly agreed.

I asked my boyfriend to contact Customer Service himself to schedule our new flight since I have to leave the house for work. Gelai, the agent he spoke with, was very willing to accomodate our request. However, my boyfriend and I forgot to discuss what Manila-Cebu flight we should choose so my boyfriend informed Gelai that he would call back again.

My boyfriend and I ended up calling Customer Service again (conference call). However, we were told this time that we’re not allowed to change the unaffected flight! Chad, the agent, informed us that we can only change the canceled flight! I even asked for a supervisor. Venson Joson, the supe, told that us that my boyfriend and I were just misinformed twice! Argh!!!

I was once a call center agent (May 2004 – Feb 2006). I was even one of first Agent of the Year awardees of PeopleSupport Philippines (2005). Beacuse of this, everytime I phone a call center, I always try to be nice to the agent I speak with because I know what it was like to be shouted at. I know what it’s like to answer to toxic callers. I know how irritating and irate callers could get and I did not want to add stress to a call center agent’s stressful life.

However, because of this airline’s inconsideration, I really snapped and became such a heinous b*tch! The supervisor eventually escalated our request to the Reservations Department (no customer service line) and we would have to wait for 24 hours to find out if our request would get approved. See? There was even no guarantee! Good thing I got a call the next day from Pauline, a reservations officer from Cebu Pacific, informing me that our request was approved. Yey! 🙂

I would like to apologize to the people I had a b*tch fit at, Chad and Venson. In my defense, I was irate not because of you two, but because of the airline’s policy. But still, I would like to aplogize.

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