McDonald’s Coca-Cola Contour Glasses for FIFA World Cup 2010

10 Jun

Last Christmas season, I went gaga over McDonald’s Coca-Cola contour glasses. The limited edition glass comes in 6 different colors: charcoal/black, blue, purple, lime, pink, and green. I only collected 5 since lime and green look almost the same. 🙂

This morning, I saw a TV ad about McDonald’s souvenir item for the FIFA World Cup. And yes, it is Coca-Cola contour glasses again. You just have to add Php25 (or Php20 — I can’t remember) when you purchase a McDo Value Meal.

McDonald's FIFA World Cup South Africa Coca-Cola contour glasses

I am planning to buy the green glass since I did not buy that color last December 2009. I also have to buy a purple glass for my mom. She gave me her charcoal glass last year when I was having a hard time to get that color (purple is her favorite color).


One Response to “McDonald’s Coca-Cola Contour Glasses for FIFA World Cup 2010”

  1. twitterpatedme 14 June 2010 at 12:05 AM #

    I just bought 2 glasses (green and purple). It’s Php25 per glass.

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