¡Que Horror!

21 May

My MRT horror story… 😦

I work at night (*sigh* — BPO industry). I take the train going to work because it’s faster to get to Pasay from Boni and it’s cheaper to take the MRT than to ride a cab or to have my dad drive me to my workplace.

We all know how crowded the train could get especially during rush hour so I take the coach for women (I feel safe there). Since I’m a bit OC (obsessive compulsive), I ALWAYS check out the passengers near me because I make sure that they:

1. don’t reek
2. don’t have dandruff
3. are not sweaty and sticky (pawisan and malagkit)
4. don’t have cough and colds
5. don’t have galis or any contagious skin disease
6. are not thieves
7. don’t have head lice and nits (kuto and lisa)

Yes, I have a fear of catching those yucky parasites. And it’s über embarrassing for an adult to have lice!!! Eeewww… Gross! As in totally!!!

I was sssooo horrified to see a well-dressed lady, who has nits (lisa), standing in front of me! This happened last Wednesday night and last night! Man, 2 nights in row!!!

Next time, I will bring suyod and give it to a passenger with lice and nits. Hehehe…


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