Revisiting Zambales: Sun Bloom Beach Resort and Potipot Island

4 May

Labor Day weekend 2009 (last year), my boyfriend and I vistited Potipot Island again. Here are some of the pictures I took using my Olympus 850sw camera: 

[For our 1st Potipot trip, click here.]

We're back!

rocky side of Potipot

snorkeling time!!!

I love my digital underwater cam! ♥

I also wrote this on Sun Bloom Resort’s multiply site:  

Last weekend (2-3 May 2009), we went back to Potipot (and of course, we stayed in Sun Bloom). There were a few things we noticed:  

1. There were a lot more trash compared to the last time we went there. [To the tourists, kindly bring your own trash bag and throw your trash bag when you get back to your resort].   

2. People were so amazed to see live sea stars (a.k.a. starfishes) that they were taking them from their habitat and putting them under the sun to dry. [Please don’t take those creatures home. They’re meant to stay in the sea. If you keep taking sea stars, Potipot eventually would have none.]  

underwater shot: starfish that's still in the sea

Here's one starfish taken from the sea. 😦

3. People were stepping on the live corals. [Please don’t step on the live corals, fishes live there and they lay their eggs there. If you keep stepping on them, they will eventually die. No corals = no fishes]  

another specie

4. A lot of people were planning to catch the fishes swimming in the shallow waters. [Please don’t try to catch them. Let Potipot keep those fishes.]  

Did you notice the other specie of fish?

5. If people are feeding the fishes, please don’t swim where the fishes are. You can check them out underwater but please don’t swim right through the fishes. You’re disturbing them.  

To the owner of the island (if you’re reading this), kindly do something about these. We’re paying Php50 (day tour) or Php100 (overnight) to be on your island. You can put posters/tarps on the island to remind people what not to do. You can impose rules like these. You can even ask the rangers to penalize tourists who do these horrible things.  

We lurve Potipot!


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 

How to get to Sun Bloom Beach Resort – Potipot Island via public transpo: (via private transpo, click here)  

You can take Victory Liner Bus (Caloocan, Sampaloc) headed to Sta. Cruz, Zambales. You can ask the driver and/or the conductor to drop you off at Dawal (Uacon, Candelaria). You can just walk going to Sun Bloom. Dawal and Sun Bloom are just beside each other. From Sun Bloom Resort, you have to ride a boat going to Potipot Island (around 5-15 minutes).

view from the shore going to the main road (If you're coming from the main road, Sun Bloom is at right side and Dawal is at the left side of the street)

It cost us Php418 per head (Caloocan to Uacon – Dawal). But this was a year ago, okay? Better phone Victory Liner and check out their rates. 

Going home, you’d be a chance passenger. Just wait along the highway for a bus headed to Manila. However, it might take you a long time to wait for a bus going back to Manila so you may also take a bus going to Iba or Olongapo. Once you’re in Iba or in Olongapo terminal, you can then take a bus going to Manila (Caloocan, Cubao, Pasay, Sampaloc).  


Sun Bloom Beach Resort’s Rates: (I’m not sure if these are still the rates so better contact Ate Mercy — 0916-543-9709

Room rate: Php1,200 (1 – 4 pax) 

Extra Person: Php150 / head a day  

Additional hours: Php50 / hour  

Folding bed (if needed): Php100 / day

Lost key fine: Php150  

*FYI: The rooms have 2 beds, an aircon, an electric fan, and a clean toilet and bathroom.

Check in time: 12 noon

Check out time: 11:00 am  


BOAT RIDE TO POTIPOT: Php400 (two-way) up to 6 – 7 pax — pay the boatmen directly (Ate Mercy will only contact the boatmen and arrange the boat trip for you) 

boat to Potipot

Regarding the time/schedule, you have to inform Ate Mercy or her people. They will arrange the trip to Potipot for you. Also, you must inform the boatmen what time they should pick up from the island. Once you’re back to Sun Bloom’s shore, don’t forget to pay the boatmen.  

*FYI: Potipot Island entrance fee — to be paid when you get to the island (a ranger from Potipot will collect the entrance fee) Php50/head (day tour) or Php100/head (overnight)  



*FYI: No corkage fee for the food, drinks, and any items you bring in Sun Bloom. But if you need a fridge, burner, and/or utensils, you may rent them from Ate Mercy.

Rental fees:  

Refrigerator – Php100 / day  

Single burner – Php150 / day  

Double burner – Php250 / day  

Utensils – Php25 / item / day  

For the electrical items you brought, charge for the electricity:  

Php 100 / item / day (example: charger, radio, speakers, etc.)  



Entrance fees:  

Adult – Php30 / head  

Kids – P20 / head  

Tables Pavillion area: Php150 / table  

Coconut area: Php100 / table  

*FYI: The tables are big and long. 10 – 14 persons could be accommodated (I think).  

*** Prices subject to change without prior notice. ***


3 Responses to “Revisiting Zambales: Sun Bloom Beach Resort and Potipot Island”

  1. twitterpatedme 4 May 2010 at 10:14 PM #

    For bullet #1:
    I think there are now trash bins in Potipot. Great news, right? 🙂

  2. twitterpatedme 13 May 2010 at 11:35 PM #

    I wonder if the floating restaurant near Sun Bloom is now operational. I remember when we went there last year, the floating resto was not operational (damaged due to typhoons).

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