Limited Edition: Little Miss Bosconian Shirts

9 Feb

Last Saturday (6 February 2010) was Don Bosco Sta. Mesa’s homecoming. My batch, which is the pioneer batch, was the host for this year’s high school reunion. 🙂

Everybody knows that Don Bosco schools are exclusive for boys. Don Bosco Manila is actually a co-ed school. Well, during my time, Don Bosco Manila (formerly Don Bosco School or DBS) was co-ed from pre-school up to 4th grade only. The 5th grader boys will have to transfer to Don Bosco Mandaluyong. Ergo, from 5th grade up to senior high, we were all girls. But I found out that there are now boys from 5th grade up to high school in DBS.

Anyway, do you know those Little Miss school shirts? There are no Little Miss Bosconian shirts available commercially so my batch decided to have our version of those “school spirit” shirts.

Batch 2000's idea

My gosh! I could not believe that it had been 10 years ago when I graduated from high school! I’m too old! Hahahaha!


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