10 Goals in 2010

5 Jan

Every start of the new year, people would always have New Year’s resolutions and goals. There are the generic ones like:

~live more, love more~

~be happier~

~travel more~

~save money~

In this regard, I decided to set goals for this new year.  So here they are:

1. lose the pounds I gained during the year 2009 (around 5 – 10 pounds — YIKES!)

2. have my wisdom teeth extracted

3. cancel one of my two credit cards (I have to keep the other one to book hotels, flights, etc… The one I’ll keep, I should refrain from using it for shopping)

4. help my boyfriend with his 1st Confession, 1st Holy Communion, and/or Confirmation

5. open a new savings account (preferrably BDO’s Optimum Savings Account)

6. blog more (I could be lazy sometimes)

7. try to shop less and spend less

8. try to be less sungit (Hahaha!)

9. learn how to drive

10. hear Mass in Intramuros ‘ church/es — I hardly hear Mass in different churches because I’ve always preferred hearing Mass in our subdivision’s chapel.


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